Swiss Cottage, Leeds.

If you are the kind of person who, like me, likes other peoples unwanted crap, and you find yourself in the fine city of Leeds, I highly recommend you take a trip to Swiss Cottage just off Burley Road. Its huge, its amazing, and the gentlemen who run it are fantastic. Lauren took me there at the weekend and they couldn't understand why you would take someone from London to a place like their store.

Somehow I came away with only a tin (as if you didn't guess) a thermos and a pile of vintage wool cards for making wish bracelets. Thrifty.


  1. Tomorrow I'm gonna go back and buy that flu-nip jar!! I need it in my life.

    Love your camera face.

    OH WIFE MY WIFE. Next time you're up here we're off to Otley carboot.

  2. when i was looking in my dashboard just now and saw, "likes other peoples unwanted crap..." i knew i had to look. unwanted crap is the best, and i always love sifting through junk!

  3. Wife! Love your tiara face. You purse those lips sister.

    I really want the flu nip jar I can't believe I didn't buy it, imagine if Swiss Cottage was right next to my house I would be perpetually poor and my boyfriend would kick me out like that old man who collected all the stuff and had to choose between his wife and his amazing stuff.

    Danielle seriously this shop is incredible. I need to find one similar in London (that isn't hidiously overpriced)

  4. I need to find a shop like this in Auckland that isn't overpriced. Good luck to me!

  5. There are loads of places like this up my parents way, you well need to go shopping with my Mum in Wellsford.

  6. Oh my goodness, this place looks too good to be true.