Some recent visitors to the downstairs garden, a family of jays (stealing acorn from the squirrels who reside in the oak tree, a great war occurred) and a baby fox asleep in a ball.

Sometimes I'm a bit gutted we don't have a garden, but I'm glad we have a great view of downstairs and their visiting wildlife.


  1. I KNOW seriou Debbie he was the most adorable thing in the world

  2. Cuute I wish I could see foxes from my apartment! I do get to see squirrels going crazy with the acorn bonanza in the oak tree across the way though.

  3. So, so cute. I am very jealous of your fox.

    Have you met your downstairs neigbhours yet? Could you invite them up for a glass of wine and then gently ask if you can have a patch of garden to grow veggies in?

  4. Julianna - we get those too, they are SO FAT right now! I enjoy watching them have arguments over acorns its comedy gold!

    Ni - Their garden appears to be mostly used to play football in and I'd have to go through their house to get at it so probably not an option. I have met them though and they are all lovely! Also my vege growing is notoriously awful, I give my new lavender plat 2 weeks until I kill it without understanding how....