Left to Rot

This was the setting for the photo shoot I did with Lauren for her new Winter line of jewellery. It is what is left of a chemical plant near her flat in Leeds. A huge overgrown expanse of concrete, the odd window and doorway left to rot. At one end is a bridge over the river. Apple trees grow where I imagine employees threw their apple cores 20 odd years ago (I always think about this when I see an apple tree growing somewhere it shouldn't be). We were there for ten minutes before some kid climbed the makeshift wall closing off the bridge and scared the living daylights out of us. Its a great spot. I just realised most of the photos I shot while there were on her camera for her lookbook (you can see some of it here), but here are a few I managed to grab on mine when not 'at work'.


  1. It's grim up north!

    I'll email you the photos you took. You can do 'left to rot part two!'

  2. Just found your blog, it's great. Love these photos!

  3. Thanks Sara! Welcome to the party x