Super! 8!

I've just come home from a screening with work to see the film SUPER 8.

5 minutes before the film started a female colleague asked "are there any babes in this film?"

I realise this isn't helping my 'wow she really likes young boys' reputation right now, but look at these beautiful kids.

Look at them.

Also BTW
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose!

My review of this film on a less superficial level is: Extremely good, very JJ Abrams (love that man!). I loved Cloverfield and pretty much thought this was Cloverfield + Goonies + ET - terrifyingness ET alien. I love the classic 'wtf is this all I saw was a leg this is terrifying OMG I am clawing my face off and screaming' JJ Abrams monster thing, but at the end of the day (film) he had a nice face. Unlike ET.

(Yes I realise I am 1 of 2 people in the world that find ET totally terrifying. If you also find ET totally terrifying, please let me know. The other person is my boyfriend. One day I'll explain it. Today is not that day.)

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  1. Step away from the children!

    I liked this film too. It also reminded me of Stand By Me and IT. Except less terrifying than clowns.