Panic on the Streets of London - and other obvious London Chaos Blog Titles.

I'm starting to cross over from feeling afraid to feeling angry with this. I love London, and I don't like feeling unsafe in my city. I've felt this for the last few weeks, tension and feeling afraid when a hooded teenager stands at a bus stop eyeballs you, spits on the ground in front of you, gets on the bus and starts on the bus driver. I'm just baffled. Do they just not get taught the difference between right and wrong? Do they just not have any respect for anything?

These are not riots. They are not protests. This is common, petty thuggery. And I'm overcome with a powerful feeling of anger towards it right now.

I hope everyone is OK. Stay safe out there guys. x

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  1. I find gangs of girls really frightening. Yesterday I was asked to buy cigarettes by a group of girls outside the shop over the road and I was scared they'd lamp me one for refusing. A few months back, a girl ran up to me in the street screaming with her fist in the air, but her mate grabbed her just before she got to me. Then there's the Parkland Walk sexual assaults, and now this. A gang of lads tried breaking into the bookies downstairs last night, but the police arrived surprisingly quick and were here for a while. I didn't think there'd be any that close by!

  2. Its just really scary isn't it. Its unpredictable, and just not something you expect or want to happen. I'm sick of being continually made to feel intimidated by young people on the streets. We need to rise above!

    I'm glad the Police were on standby and got there quickly. Hope you and Peter stay safe, line all of your bears up at the window to guard you!

  3. I swear that teenagers weren't so threatening when I was young. Though a friend of mine mentioned that he knew he was getting old when he became afraid of teenagers.

    When there were (miniature in comparison) riots here in Vancouver this spring I was really angry, too. And so annoyed that the newscasters kept calling the rioters "protestors". Nothing has really happened here to hold people accountable for the destruction they did and the nuisance they caused. I guess I see the London situation differently because the media implies that these are disadvantaged people venting. Our rioters were a bunch of suburban rich kids for the most part and it was the stupidest thing ever.

  4. I understand your feelings - it's a mixture of fear, anger and puzzlement.. We heard that the yobs were throwing stuff at the fireman trying to put out the blaze in Croydon. Yet those same fireman would risk their lives for these very people, if they dialled 999 and needed assistance. I was also threatened on a bus in Croydon by two girls, it was intimidating and I was furious but knew it would be best not to retaliate. I looked around the bus and every single person looked away at the prospect of impending trouble. London is not a good place right now - the anger is just bubbling under the surface.