National Portrait Gallery

A totally unplanned but successful trip to the National Portrait Gallery, which I am ashamed to admit I had not visited until now in all my 7 years in London, despite several failed planned trips. For shame, I know. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Ana and I walked around pointing out which of the men we fancied the most [who knew Charlie Dickens was quite the looker at 27 years old] and deciding what the people in the paintings were like as people. On Constable, you look so deep, so torn, so sensitive. Its so hard being so talented isn't it...

I found my heart in my mouth as I turned a corner to find some of Pontings more famous shots of Scott et al in the Victorian/explorer section [including my favourite ever photograph of Dr Atch] which was unexpected and exciting, probably only if you are me.

The Portrait of the Year Award was on and my god did it take my breath away. 'How is this not a photograph' was probably the most said sentance of the day. Check it out.

Also included above, token indie kid shot of Blur, and obligatory portrait of self in front of a living wall.


  1. I visited the gallery a couple years ago - have to plan a new trip to London soon. Very soon.

  2. London is so great for free galleries and museums. I wish I had time to make the most of them!

  3. Thanks! I haven't taken it off since I bought it!