Crisp Autumn

The season feels like its coming to an end lately, doesn't it. And earlier than normal. The swifts have left Crouch End a lot earlier than they have in previous years, the blackberries are in season on the Heath and the mornings have that crispy nip in the air that is only associated with the arrival of my favourite of seasons, Autumn.

I've been working on a little collection of jewellery for my store which I'm setting free into the world on September 4th. Until then, I'm going to drip feed you images of Autumn to get your brains in the zone while I move house and put the finishing touches on the look book and collection.

Starting with this mix I have made over on 8tracks of Autumnal songs. 

[Click through to listen!]


  1. hello dianne, I'm pleased to of come across your blog, via Pinterest. I hope the house move is going well!:)
    Sarah xx

  2. Hi Sarah! I'm pleased you came across my blog as well, thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy x