Black Gull Books, East Finchley

My BFF has been raving about this little bookstore in East Finchley ever since she moved there, and I happily let her escort me there recently to check it out. It is superb. Books falling off tables, War and Music sections intermingled, beautiful old copies of Byron for £100 a pop. Its the kind of bookshop I could spend hours in. I was a bookseller in a previous life, and very much miss the smell and feel of a shop full of real books. Very much recommended if you are a book lover and in the area.

They don't seem to have a website but you can find them at:
121 High Road
East Finchley

London N2 8AG


  1. Oh wow, that copy of the Thief's Journal is incredibly pocketable...

  2. LOL I know it also had a really good bit in the back about being illegal to sell that copy in the united kingdom?! I almost bought it.

  3. Black Gull is a fantastic place, one of the gems that make up the East Finchley High Road. I could spend all day (and a lot of money!) in there given half the chance...