Happy Online Discovery.

I was just, you know, innocently googling various landmarks in Antarctica and somehow stumbled across this amazing free online version of The Worst Journey in the World by Apsley Cherry-Garrard - which just happens to be the book which has owned my soul for the last few weeks.

The best thing about finding this though is that it includes several of Dr Bill's beautiful watercolours and sketches, which Cherry talks of often throughout the book and I had been dying to know if I would be able to find online at any point. I would love more than anything to see some of these in real life.

The fact that he could produce such beautiful paintings in such conditions and continued to keep sketching right up until the end is totally inspirational. To feel the need to document, document, document, despite the fact that your fingers are freezing off and your tent has blown away.

I will never cease to have admiration for these men.

[The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Worst Journey in the World is HERE]


  1. These are great. Especially love the first one!

  2. Me too, I had to look twice - it looks like a photograph! Incredible.

  3. So beautiful. Happy to see these.

    Happy summer greetings to you.