Dream House

Boyfriend and I have been looking for a flat for what seems an age, the good ones in the area we are looking have either been snaffled before we get to them or have had ridiculous demands attached to them [sign a 2 year contract? Do you have a reference for the rabbit?] and I'm getting a bit fed up with the never ending wave of disappointment.

I've been collecting images of how I'd like our future home to look since we decided to embark on our first home together, and to cheer myself up on this disappointing journey I thought I'd compile them into a kind of Dream House Board. Cosy, flags, maps, pictures on the wall, good workspace, lots of light, good storage. Clean and less cluttered than I tend to default to. More cohesive and organised.

We'll find something eventually, and when we do I'd like to nest in it as above. With a deer and a dog and a book. Obviously.

[all sources can be found via pintrest :: more pictures added to this board at a ridiculous rate!]


  1. "Do you have a reference for the rabbit?" LOlolololol l o lool

    Be strong! You will find something amazing. Love those workstations.

  2. i've always wanted a clothing rack like that instead of a closet. and now i want the last two bedrooms...oh, to have a deer in bed, i'd never want to leave!

  3. such great home inspiration photos- love your blog! I was in the same situation a year ago and once I made a "apartment musts" list it helped cut down on wasted time looking at disappointing places, I'm sure you'll find something!

  4. Debbie - I totally have a reference for the rabbit, confirming he is clean and inconspicuous and well behaved. I might edit it to also have a photograph of him because no one can resist his face.

    Danielle - Srsly right, I have actually bought a clothes rack I'm saving for the new place already. I'm convinced it will fit like 1/3 of my actual wardrobe on it, but we shall see.

    Alexa - Thanks so much! I'm a fan of your blog also actually, its in my top 10! We totally have a list as well, I'm tempted to just email it out to every estate agent in town and be like 'if it isn't on the list, don't waste my time!' but I'm fairly convinced none of them can even read at this point. SIGH!


  5. Dianne, seriously, Charlie Munch is so handsome! I particularly loved the chair licking! *Swoon*. I will definitely email you when I (hopefully) take the next step on my bunny journey. Spent about an hour last night looking at pictures of rescue bunnies... Almost irrisistible.

    Bad luck about the house hunting. It is so draining. We must have looked at 25 last year. I'm sure something gorgeous will come up eventually and with this kind of design inspiration you'll creat a gorgeous home. Cx

  6. Rescue bunnies are where it is at, Charlie Munch is a rescue that the lady who rescued him from could not get rid of because no one else loved him. THIS MAKES ME SAD but then happy because now I have a Munch.

    House Hunting picked up, We're going over to sign things and confirm dates on a place tomorrow. I think posting this is what did it!