International Feather Collection

So where do I get the feathers I turn into treats for you to wear? As hinted in my previous post where I outlined how I get these wonderful treats into a clean and safe condition - I collect them myself or have a bunch of fellow feather collectors all over the world who send me the spoils of their daily adventures. Lauren sends me feathers from the Dales up in Yorkshire, Morgan has ducks and a beautiful rooster called Owl who donate feathers from Scotland, my little brother sends me feathers from New Zealand, once a nice lady sent me a parcel of feathers from her pheasant friend in Sweden!

I've always had a weird feather collecting habit, which is how I started making treats for Dear Oh Deer - I had to justify it somehow. When I'm travelling, wandering, commuting  - the feathers above are collections from my parents farm in NZ, and pigeon feathers I collected in Paris last year.

I like to think this makes the selection I have to work with feel more personal than just buying them en mass or even pre-arranged from the internet. Each feather has come from somewhere special, and is selected and prepared carefully before being put together so you can wear them. Although - I do have a supplier on eBay I like to use when I have a special order or have run out of Crow or Guinea Fowl feathers, who collects all of her feathers from her wonderful farm of bird friends! It doesn't sit right with me when you search on Etsy for feathers and find a made product on one page, and the pre-made feather pad they have bought and glued onto a headband on another. Even though the earrings and necklaces I make aren't anything fancy, I like to think they have a bit of a backstory to them.

If you would like to join my merry troupe of feather collectors, please get in touch! I'd love to have more members of the feather club.

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