Diary of a Migraine

So I get pretty epic migraines, maybe once every 3 months or so. After about 10 years of specialists, advice, and trying everything, I've come to the conclusion that they are caused by working on a computer all day, every day, with the worlds most minimal squint. Yep, that's right, my right eye has just enough of a squint on it that nothing can be done to fix it, but enough that it causes my brain to short out every 3 months from trying too hard to concentrate on a computer screen.

I've also come to the conclusion - which I think most people who have dealt with migraines for as long as I have come to eventually - you just have to ride them out. Its horrible and generally means losing up to a week of your life, but I've got my Migraine Routine down pat.

Some tips:
1/ Go home immediately. Don't dilly dally, don't be a hero. Just go home.
2/ Buy yourself something nice on the way home. You deserve it. This time I bought myself some peonies. Last time, I bought myself a copy of the Radio Times with Professor Brian Cox on the cover. It doesn't take much, but you will gaze upon it for a few days and it will make you smile while you drool out of one side of your face and mumble incoherently.
3/ Give in to the Migraines Cravings. I think of my Migraine as a tiny gnome who lives in my brain [not weird: I know several others who think the same] who gets angry every now and then. He wants steak slices. He wants cakes. He wants massive bottles of chocolate milk at 4am when you wake up because you have been asleep all day and you feel norm... oh wait no there he is. Give him these things. Appease the gnome.
4/ Don't waste your time with medication: Different for everyone, I know. I don't get the pain kind, I get the 'oh hey, I can't put a sentence together and the right hand side of my face has gone numb' kind. A few effervescent Cocodamols in your apple juice take the edge off. I had a GP prescribe me something that had a list of side effects which sounded worse than migraines themselves once. At this point I gave up on GP help and medication. Until I find out if I'm allowed botox, that is. Is that happening yet?
6/ Don't go back to work if you are still feeling woozy the next day.  Just don't do it, you won't be any help to anyone and you'll spend more time later in the week fixing the mistakes you made when you were trying not to be sick on your keyboard. You'll also only have to apologise to your boss when you burst into tears for no reason at all in the middle of the day. Just.. just stay at home. No one will see you cry if you stay at home.
7/ Avoid daylight. But you know this one already. Close the curtains. Get under the covers. Don't look out the window, don't think 'ah what a lovely day!' You are a vampire during the Migraine Times. See also: Smells, loud noises, etc.
8/ Buffy the Vampire Slayer is your friend. Ironic, given that you have taken on the role of Vamp. Have her on but with the volume down low, and just far enough away that you don't focus too much on it. She is just there for moral support. And occasional Giles action while you drift in and out of awakedness.
9/ Drink lots of water. This will a/ do the whole water thing and b/ make you need to pee a bunch so you will get out of bed occasionally, thus preventing total limb atrophy.
10/ SLEEP.

Anyone else got any tips to add? How to you deal with Migraines?


  1. Yes a cooling gel for your forehead? I think there might be a specific migraine one. Doesn't get rid of it but just cools the head down a bit.
    I get really bad migraines approx once a month, think mine caused by stress at back of neck and also bad eyesight. Luckily migraleve works for me but usually i take it, shut curtains, lie down with pillow over my head and go to sleep until its all over. I hate that hollow headed feeling you always get the next day.. hate migraines..

  2. Yeah I've tried those gels and they are nice, mm coolin my brow. I wish I could quell the beast with painkillers, would make life easier. I generally stick to Cocodamol or Solphadine which i find helps [and makes me all floaty]

    I've still got that hollow head feeling now. Annoyingly, I tend to get a headache AFTER I have had an actual migraine. What is that all about!

  3. I feel your pain. I like the migraleve because you get a pink and a yellow tablet - both neon. One for the migraine & then one for the sickness feeling. Its well Matrix stylee.

  4. Beautiful peonies!

    I guess I'm lucky that I don't get migraines! I had something that resembled one once. I had to stay in bed in the dark for two days. But I'm sceptical as to whether it was actually a migraine as I've never had one since?
    When I was younger I never use to get headaches though and now I get them pretty regularly. I also think it's down to using computers a lot more.

  5. Ahh, I totally forgot that Migraleave came with the ones for the sicky feeling, THATS why I started taking them! I might get them. Can you get just the Sicky ones? Actually I tend to stick with peppermint tea when I feel sicky it does the trick. This week's dose of Migraine was the WORSE, I was sick like 4 times, that hasn't happened since High School!

  6. As someone that also has migraines, I completely agree with all of these things. Especially sleep/avoid daylight/WATER. And no pain killers! Pointless and make me feel sicker. Also I can't bear anyone to touch me :(

    Hope your next one is miles and miles away x


  7. Oh, poor you. Sounds horrible. Glad I've never had one yet, hope I never will. The peonies and Prince Charles mug are lovely though. x

  8. Migraine attacks are painful enough to knock you out and leave you helpless. Sometimes, taking medicines is not enough to relieve the pain. Aside from medicines and rest, one should try alternative treatment like chiropractic care as a long term solution for migraine.