Business Time

Since I came back from holiday in New Zealand last month, I've felt a bit uneasy with where I was at creatively. I've felt sapped of creative energy and totally uninspired, which is the opposite of how I normally feel after 2 weeks in the most beautiful country on the planet*. More specifically, I've felt unhappy with the way I have been presenting the stock I have in my store and how it felt/what it meant to me.

Over the last few weeks I've been planning a total renovation of the store and the products I have listed therein. I'm working on a total new line of headbands & jewellery inspired by my trip to America last September, bringing in more solid designs/pieces and less one of a kind experiments - as well as just a total redesign of the store in general to bring it more inline with where I am as a person/seller/crafter.

I've just been looking at the store and felt a bit blah about it lately. A lot of the products are surrounding me right now, products I really love and have put a lot of myself into creating. I feel like its time I put the same effort into presenting them onsite, something I've previously [possibly being too honest to potential customers here] found totally dull and frustrating.

I'm excited, I have a photo shoot in the diary in a couple of weeks time which is going to be so much fun, and have been totally reshooting everything in a totally different style that I feel more comfortable with, and just all round looks a hell of a lot better. I'm going to totally relaunch the store with a new look and more cohesive feel to it on June 24th. Diarise!

For now, I'm offering 25% off everything in stock with the code SOFRESH - when used at checkout. This offer is valid on all purchases between now and 24th June instore at

*I am biased.


  1. Can't wait to see the New Look shop

  2. This post makes me happy and made it on to my I FUCKING LOVE IT monday post!