Mail Art!

This evening I came home to a wonderful envelope of MAIL ART from the soon to be world famous for her mail art Jessica Gowling. She is a mastermind and its such a fun project to get involved in. My wee parcel contained a surprising amount for such a wee envelope, including a copy of her latest zine, a screenprint of Liz, and stickers. Just the kind of thing I like to come home to on a Monday. Thanks Jess!


  1. Oh fabulous!!! So happy you like my quirky screenprint portrait of the queen hehehe. Its on of my favorites. I really ought to do more caricatures/cartoon portraits, they are an awful lot of fun. Glad the other goodies were also exciting. Looking forward to your reply darling, and thanks so much for your very kind words. <3 Jess

  2. LOVE the Liz! She is on my pinboard, ruling over my desk like a good Monarch. Not sure how I am going to top this but I shall try.

    Ooh this is like when I had a penpal when I was in high school.