January Bookpile

I spent a cosy first week of 2014 totally absorbed in Rivers of London, the perfect mix of London Town and magic - also unexpectedly hilarious, five stars.

Monsters of Men was a bit of a chore, I have to admit, but I'm glad I read it. Even if I am feeling more than a little distraught by the end of this trilogy. Are Todd and Viola the Will Parry and Lyra Belacqua of the 2010's? I think so. Also, is there a movie being made of these books yet? Its pretty rare that I read a trilogy as intense as this (this sentence could end here) and find myself thinking it would make quite a good series of films. But they could, they really could. I think editing a lot of this book in particular down could help.

The Host is a great example of where editing a book down to make it work as a film works well. I watched the film a few months ago and surprisingly, really enjoyed it (Max Irons). The book however was a bit of a slog. I was promised "hotness" - and was a little disappointed. I really enjoyed the science fiction alien elements, but the love story felt a little flat for me (hey even I will admit at least Twilight is a bit sexy) and it just went on and on and on. And on. And then you thought something would happen, but it went on again.

We're now 4 days into Feb and I haven't been able to get into a single book I have picked up. Despite having a huge pile to read, I'll take recommendations.

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  1. Wait until tomorrow, you will have fun new things to read! (You'll probably hate them all too though :P)