catch up

Not much has been happening around these parts lately huh. I've been pretty under the weather for the past couple of weeks which has resulted in time off of work and even less time being productive with my extra curricular activities and hence, no blog updates. I have a bunch of photographs from the end of last year to share though so it will pick up soon.

Being poorly does mean I've done a lot of reading of the internet though so here are a few things I noticed this week and wanted to share.
- Some beautiful wings and their stories
- I spent a whole afternoon lost in the Guided by Cereal page, and they are summarised perfectly over on Miss Moss.
- I guess being stuck at home leads to wanderlust, I also enjoyed this guide to LA over on Old Brand New.
- Sophie posted loads of good stuff in general in January, her round up is over here
- Lipsy and I did a bit of a rant on her blog about Divergent.
- I've been enjoying Polar Week over on the Atlas Obscura twitter

And the bad -
- Dogs
- Orca
We were already pretty wound up about Sochi starting next week, but I feel like when humans are in the line of fire, at least they have the voices to fight back (it is awesome). But between these two news stories I am totally mixed up over the Winter Olympics this year. I'm generally a pretty huge fan, but this year I am just torn. How is everyone else on this subject? I really want to watch the actual events and generally get behind the Jamaican bob sled team you guys (if I don't get my fix of curling every 4 years I'm not sure what will happen) but killing dogs, the ban on homosexuality and my mind is boggled by the whole orca fiasco.

I just don't know what to do.


  1. I hope you're feeling better?
    I had imaginary toothache for two weeks, so that was fun.

  2. I feel the same about T'cold olympics. I LOVE IT SO HARD but I feel like I shouldn't watch it :(