2014: some things.

I don't generally make "resolutions" to usher in a new year, but I have decided some things about 2014:

- I will make some positive life changes.
- This will be my last year of "freedom" before I have to start saving serious money for "the dream". As such:
- I will travel a bit where I can, while I can.
- I will (more specifically) go to Tromso, finally.
- I will see lots of my family (how will my Dad fit into my house though, still tbc)
- McBusted.

Highly achievable goals. Especially the last one because I already have tickets to see them TWICE.

(This photograph was taken during a 2 hour layover in magical Iceland in October 2013.)


  1. Great resolutions, happy New Year! x


  2. I'm going with the first one too, positive is always a good resolution I think :) good luck!

  3. What is "the dream" and when does it kick in?
    I am not organised enough to have something that big.