weekend blog roundup

I tend to wake up quite early at the weekend, and when this happens on a Saturday I normally spend the morning catching up on blogs I have missed in the busy week while I wait for my boyfriend to wake up and make me a cup of tea. I thought it might be quite nice to start a regular round up of my favourite posts each weekend for you all to enjoy because sharing is caring.

~ This morning I spent a good 20 minutes engrossed in catching up with the Scout & Catalogue blog, beautiful as always
~ Love these polar paintings posted on Teenagster
~ iGNANT is a great blog for to lose yourself in if you like pretty things, their Flickr Fridays are a highlight for me each week.
~ UM a highlighter pink house yes please.
~ Julianna posts such lovely things on Fridays.

What blogs have you guys been reading lately?

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