Oh Squirrel Christmas Shoot

It all got a little bit early Christmas in my little flat last weekend while I had a wonderful time shooting stock for Oh Squirrel, my favourite, hilarious stationery store. I've shot stock for, and blogged about Oh Squirrel before, but I wanted to show off some of the wonderful new things Katie has created for the Christmas season.
Cute decorations, gift bags made from old, old books, hilarious greetings cards -
Look at these notebooks!
These travel card cases are the perfect stocking filler you guys, get me one?

As well as new Christmassy things, Katie has been busy working on her frightfully successful custom Bridal and Hen Party line. If you are getting married you should give her a call fo sho.
Katie will be hocking her wares down at Renegade this weekend in case you want to see her face and buy her things. Which you should.
If anyone else out there is looking for some help with photographs for their etsy store (I know I was when I made jewellery before I discovered how to do it properly), give me a shout! I'm happy to help and don't charge much. Also, its hellz fun.

Also don't forget, you can follow the blog/store on Facebook for regular updates and secret sneak peeks.

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  1. Such sweet little goodies :) Looks like my kind of store! Lovely :)