i want to go to there

St Leonards Church, Kent. One of the last ossuaries in England. (pics via Morbid Anatomy)
Mütter Museum, Philadelphia.
Pophail, an abandoned village in Scotland.
Powell-Cotton Museum @ Quex Park, Kent. Home to an incredible taxidermy collection.

Some places I want to go. Have you seen Atlas Obscura? So good for these things.


  1. COME TO KENT before I leave for good. Quex is small but AMAZING (also you have to be sneaky with picture taking). Let's go to St Leonards Church.

  2. We should totally go to KENT!

  3. The Mutter Museum is a really amazing place and literally less than a mile from my doorstep. It's a bit small, but packed with oddities and abnormalities that are sure to turn your stomach! They used to have a Halloween event, not sure if that's still happening. Another place of interest in Philly would be the Eastern State Penitentiary (held the famous mobster Al Capone). It's comparable to Alcatraz in California. So now, you have two reasons to make the trek :)