I want to go to there - LDN cemeteries

There are 5 cemeteries I want to visit before 2013 is out. I've not done much cemetery touring this year after having a terrifying experience in Abney Park in Feb and being a bit terrified of going by myself (wanted: cemetery friend; apply within) but I'm going to suck it up and get on with it now the weather has turned a bit more "graveside".
Nunhead. One of the biggest and most beautiful of the big Victorian cemeteries around the outskirts of London, they have guided tours once a month I wouldn't mind joining. (pic via)
Bunhill. How I haven't been here yet is one of the worlds great mysteries. (pic via)
St. Olave's. Looks good and creepy this one. (pic via)
St Pancras Old Church. Home of the famous "Hardy Tree". Who doesn't love a tree growing out of headstones. (pic via)
Kensal Green Cemetery My boyfriend has his lunch in this big ol' graveyard most days and its really quite close to where I work so I will be popping in here soonish methinks. Especially since I know it has a horse grave. (pic via)

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  1. Yusss! I am definitely up for some Graveyard actions. The tour at Nunhead sounds great. Let's do it next month!?