I had added a list of links to the side of my blog and I thought I should tell you why they are good.
DINOSAUR TOES - she makes wonderful jewellery, beautiful artwork, and is a total babe. Follow.
GEE! Circus - Jess writes good things and is just generally amazing. Follow.
Iona Harmony Bruce - There is nothing this girl cannot do. Follow.
Jack Spicer Adams - This guy takes amazing photographs. Follow.
Jo Waterhouse - Jo is awesome and makes amazing things and stuff. Follow.
Lipsyy Lost & Found - My partner in YA fangirl crime, Follow probably only if you like castles, cute boys who live in castles, vampire sex etc. 
Louise Androlia - Lets break it down - I've been seeing Lou for most of this year as a life coach/mentor type to help me deal with L I F E. If you ever feel overwhelmed, underwhelmed, or just whelmed - I cannot recommend her blog/services as a magical, magical person to help you find a balance and be at peace with yourself and live. Seeing her has literally changed my life. FOLLOW.
Oh My Clumsy Heart - I'm pretty sure my boyfriend thinks I'm having some kind of internet relationship with Sophie because we snapchat eachother our Animal Crossing adventures all day, but whatever she also makes nice jewellery, takes photographs so clean/perfect I stare at them for hours, and likes pinapples. Follow. (Also follow her beauty blog THE PRIVATE LIFE OF A GIRL)
Paper & Chain - Who doesn't love these babes. Follow.
Total Ales - My boyfriend has a blog about beer, if you like beer you will probably like it. It is very well written and I've taught him how to use Instagram pretty well. (I don't like beer).