Harringay Market

These are all a bit out of date now, but it seemed a shame to not share the rest of the photographs from my day spent shooting (and eating) at Harringay Market back in the colder months of this year.
Portuguese delights from Silmar's Taste
Bell & Brisket make incredible salt beef sandwiches, if you ever fancy a reuben may I direct you here.
I'm pretty fussy about what meat I eat, and am over the moon to have found a proper meat supplier who can tell me all about their animals and how they live. Also, Marsh Produce are so much more affordable than the supermarket.
The freshest of freshly made pasta from Pasta e Basta.
They're adorable, lovely, and they sell incredible chocolate.
Harringay Market runs every Sunday from 11-3pm at South Harringay School, Mattison Road N4 1BD.

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