I really love drawing owls. I don't know why, there is something about them that bangs on the door of my imagination from time to time. I go through epic phases of locking myself away and drawing owls. I've started again recently and its pretty magical. I appear to have invented a whole series of god-like owls and plan to release them into the wild as paintings and original drawings in the etsy store very soon.

For now however, I have just discovered a bundle of prints from my last bout of owl fever. I had a few drawings printed to sell/give away a few years ago and they are now listed in store for just £3 each. I have loads so if you buy one you will probably "accidently" get two.

PS I'll get some film processed soon I promise.

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  1. haha these are awesome. I love owls, My cat sometimes makes the same expression as the first two you've drawn.

    Also must say that I LOVE the hedwig print - Might have to buy that! haha.