July Bookpile aka Morgenstern Month

After last months pathetic attempt at a bookpile I was left feeling bereft, friends. I have a constant pile of anywhere between 5 - 20 books to read at any one time and spent days staring at this pile, desperate for something I could lose myself in over the summer, able to focus on anything I picked up beyond the first few pages. UNTIL I REMEMBERED A friend had given me City of Bones a few months previous and I was put off by starting it because it has THE WORST COVER OF ALL TIME (accolades galore), but what did I have to lose? I figured at least I'll read it fairly quickly as it is (one page in) utter trash.

HO HO MY FRIENDS was I wrong! These books are superb in their teenage glory! And thus July 2013 became MORGENSTERN MONTH and all I  have done in the abysmal heat we have had of late is lie on my bed indoors lost in this utter tosh, unable to pull myself away from the pages filled with INCEST (is it? are they? what?!) and MAGIC TATTOOS and ANGEL THINGS and THE FIT ONE OUT OF MISFITS.

I. Cannot. Wait. For. The. Next. Book. In. This. Series.

Also please bask in the glory of me as I prance around in my underwear laughing maniacally because I read all 5 of these books (they are not small) (ok maybe the writing is kind of big) in one month. BASK!

More on The Mortal Instruments series on GoodReads. They will, literally, have no affect on your life whatsoever until you see the trailer for the forthcoming (obviously) film and are filled with bad casting rage (apart from the aforementioned fit one out of Misfits who btw is so perfectly cast I can not even) By the way if you want something equally as entertaining to read, check out some of the reviews and comments on these books on GoodReads. Literally hours of entertainment!

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    1. If anyone should play Jace it should be that fit guy from that awful I am Number Four film http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1641117/?ref_=sr_1 This is the exact face I was picturing through all 5 of these books not this weedy new guy.

  2. Yes! I think you are right!!!