The results of my 3rd DBL-EX film are in! I split this roll with Richard Pierce, who got in touch via the twitter and needed an excuse to crack out his old camera.
I shot over these during the never ending winter we have just emerged from, which seemed fitting as Richard is an author who has written a book about Antarctica so, you know, cold and stuff.
I'm enjoying the combo of landscapes over grave stones -
The weird combo of internal/external house shots -
The swans floating on the kitchen table/sky -
- the eerie yellow light that seems to be happening? Its all - as always with Double Exposure - quite magical.
Prints will be coming to the store soon so get in touch if there are any in particular you might like.

You can see more on the DBL-EX project HERE and please drop me an email if you want to get involved, its so much fun!


  1. LOVE that inside / outside house shot :) (6th one down)