Meet the People @ Harringay Market - O Toma O Morte

Tell me a bit about your business, how long has your business been running, and how did it start?
One night involving a lot of drinking, three Scandinavian beauties and a piece of Grasso D'Alpe cheese we made a lifelong pact – O Toma O Morte  – its about three years later and its going well

O Toma O Morte - what does it mean! 
Cheese or death (Toma is a traditional type of Piedmont cheese)
Are there any other foodie markets people can visit you at in London if they can’t make it to Harringay?
Thu Berwick St Soho, Fri Lower Marsh Waterloo, Saturday North London Artisan Market Sunday Chatsworth Road & Harringay plus Shepherd markets bimonthly Weds in One New Change St Pauls & 55 Baker Street. 
I love that you guys source your cheese from smaller, independent producers. Where are most of these based, tell me a bit about some of them!
We'd like to mention here our friend the maverick cheese maker John Bourne at HS Bourne, whose Cheshire cheeses we stock date back to 1750. He's a true cheenius & his products are mindblowing.

Any other favourite markets anywhere else IN THE WORLD? 
Thieves market in Lisbon and la Boqueria in Barcelona. And this insane antiques place made entirely of wood in Moscow (can't remember the name).
Do you have any favourite small businesses you want to sing about from the rooftops?
Judy Wu is our work-neighbour, a young fashion designer is one of the nicest people we've met. Neil at Clean Bean in brick lane makes some of the best tofu in the world. JP at the Franconian Sausage company in Bermondsey & Luca of Pico salame represent London's new wave of gourmet charcuteries. Our soho neighbours Pizza Pilgrims are a nice bunch of chaps.
AND FINALLY - lay out your ideal cheese plate for me. What is on there, when would you serve it, and what would you drink with it.
Aha. Well, it depends on your needs, palate, guests, all that stuff. BUT generally we'd have an evening spent with some White Cheshire, Michael and Mary Davenport's Cote Hill blue, seasonal caprini from Piedmont, our special Gorgonzola dolce & some aged pecorino should do the job with a few bottles of Cotes du Rhone or Nebbiolo, a record player, some bits of paper to do origami in between mouthfuls and a selection of interesting degenerate nitwits for good conversation.
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