I spent the past weekend back in the mother nation of Scotland, hanging out with my girl Morgan, looking at dead things in the Kelvingrove and Hunterian Museums, drinking coffee and getting caught in unexpected snow storms. Oh, and we saw Girls Aloud play and they were incredible. INCREDIBLE.

The Kelvingrove is a classic, although sadly it looks a bit tired these days. Somehow, I've been to Glasgow more times than I can count and I had no idea there was a Hunterian Museum there. We enjoyed a tour of Mackintosh's house, but due to adverse weather conditions, we skipped the art gallery, couldn't find the Zoology Museum, and only made it into the Hunterian proper. Which, FYI, is very good. It has bits of old Roman wall and lots of dead things.

Plenty of film photos to follow, these are just a handful of iPhone shots from the trip.

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  1. That looks like a ridiculously good weekend! I still haven't been to the London Hunterian, I really must. X