Tomato Soup is for Winners.

Since we switched our vege delivery to Abel & Cole I've been pretty much in love with their service. Great vege, great customer service, and excellent recipe suggestions which come in handy when you have 2 weeks of tomatoes left over and really want to make some tomato soup. This tomato and ginger soup is both delicious AND nutritious - and super easy to make. Roast tomatoes and onions for the exact length of time it takes to make a cup of tea and watch one episode of The Office, whazz it all up, enjoy. Boom.
 I really would never have thought of whacking ginger into tomato soup, but it works so well! Especially on a cold day with a pile of Ryan Gosling movies and a friend over.

The secret ingrediant is sesame oil while roasting, and the dash of soy sauce at the end.


  1. Things I love - roasted tomatoes, ginger, sesame oi, soy sauce, the Gos. That sounds like an excellent time to me. X

  2. you are a legend.