It's time to dance !!!

Paris, France on a very cold day.

Hey does anyone know why this film has these flecks though-out it? Is my camera broken (please god no) or did the lab fuck this up. I've never seen it before and the last 2 rolls I've processed have come out with this.

I am vexed.


  1. Wow, i've never seen marks like those before. Wish i could help but i have no idea. do you get them printed somewhere else? It could be their printer, especially if the marks are in the same place on every image. Or your lens, eeks? That said, I really love the images, Dianne.

  2. This has happened to some of my negatives before, and I put it down to the lab fucking it up, because it's not happened since.

    1. Yeah thats pretty much what I have decided. Its weird that out of 3 films its only on 2 of them. I blame Vienna.