Crouch End Coffee Tour: Melange

So there is that one place on the corner, opposite the Queens, you know the one. Its been a GBK then some random sausage place, both of which were always empty and a bit rubbish (although, GBK being home of the Kiwi Burger, I did go there once or twice when I was homesick). Then it was closed for ages and now, would you believe it, its a coffee type place called MELANGE (say it out loud its fun).

It seems pretty nice, they have Charlie Chaplin films showing on one wall (how quirky!) and they have a coffee-and-a-croissont-for-£2.50 deal which is always a winner.

Suz and I went there for brunch on a Sunday morning, before Waitrose was even open so no one else in Crouch End was even awake (or something). They do superb eggs. I like that you can order a big eggs benedict (2 eggs) or a small (1 egg) because 2 is normally too many eggs for me before Waitrose is even open. Good Eggs Benedict.

The coffee was a little disappointing. I asked for a Flat White (then realised they didn't even have it on their menu, how rude of me to assume!) and got a small latte, which lets be honest was essentially just a vaguely coffee flavoured cup of hot milk. However, I ordered an additional Americano post-eggs which turned out to cause me to vibrate (this means it was good).

The staff were nice and it does feel a lot more cosy in there then it did when it was GBK or whatever it was when it sold sausages, which is odd considering they haven't changed the interior hugely. Its also nice to see it pretty full up on weekends.

Also MELANGE is fun to say out loud. Did I say that already? Oh well.

45 Topsfield Parade

N8 8PT


  1. The eggs florentine was mosf excellent as was my banana milkshake

  2. <3 for "I Am Just Going Outside"

  3. Mmmmm, that looks delicious! That would really go great with a nice cup of joe.