In(stagram) Bruges

Oh! Oh I know. I've been waiting for months to get to use that HILARIOUS blog title. Facepalm.

Bruges Pro-tips:
- Free wifi in the town hall which also has amazing paintings of medieval scenes and purple horses.
- There were some good vintage stores on Sint-Jakobstraat. Dresses for 10 Euro. I got a scarf with ducks on. I think the Flemish word for 2nd hand is tweedehands. Is this where the word 'twee' comes from?
- Cambrinus for traditional Flemish food and also beer. Book a table if you are going on a Saturday.
- Poules Moules for moules (and probably poules as well)
- If you want to go to the museums get the 15 Euro museum pass, it gets you into all of them for 3 days and is cheaper then buying just one to the Belfry & art museum. Warning - you might get sick of looking at pictures of Jesus. Bruges is big on Jesus.
- The 'Ave Maria' signs on all the streets do not mean you are on Mariastraat.
- The fleamarket is on Dijver on Saturdays & Sundays.
- Wait until after 7pm before you do any walking about type exploration. The streets were rammed with tourists (I couldn't work out what they were doing. Churches, museums, anything of historical relevance was devoid of tourists. They seemed to just stand about on street corners being rude.) but at around 7pm everyone mysteriously vanishes. In this time of bliss you can explore many hidden nooks and crannies ("alcoves") and discover local bars where bartenders just hand over their phones with the wifi password on it and you can drink all of the fruit flavoured beers. If you walk far enough you will find windmills.
- Belgian TV is pretty good and its totally ok to spend half of the day in your hotel room dozing, eating handmade chocolate coated marshmallow and watching The Avengers cartoons dubbed in Flemish.
- Lindemans Cassis. You're welcome.
- Don't go for longer than 2 days.

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  1. Wow - you really are getting about lately. Great to see!