Crouch End Coffee Tour: Coffee Circus

Last week I let it slip that The Haberdashery made my second favourite coffee in Crouch End. This week, let me introduce the fantastic Coffee Circus - home of my #1 Coffee in Crouch End. You know the coffee is good when you get one takeaway as you leave. Every time. Then vibrate all the way home because its so. damn. good.

And they DO do eggs benny now, superb. I really love Coffee Circus. The staff are lovely, the cakes are good, the eggs benedict were pretty (Eggs Benedict Rating: Good Eggs Benedict. Only complaint: the ham was too cold!) and its just generally a nice place to go, have a sit down, coffee, and read a book on a Saturday morning. I do this fairly often. I also really like sometimes just getting eggs and soldiers or a piece of toast while I'm there. Its like being at home, but with better coffee.

Actually the coffee is so good we have it at home now too.
Living the dream people, living the dream.

Coffee Circus
136 Crouch Hill
London N8 9DX


  1. I like CC but I can never ever get a seat when I pop in. It irks me.

    1. Yeah you have to be kind of early at the weekend I think we went in at around 11 and god a seat pretty easy. Mostly I hate when people take up a whole table to themselves. I quite like that you can sit on that bench outside if you are just getting coffee (and its not raining)