Crouch End Coffee Tour: Blue Legume

Welcome, gentle readers, to the Crouch End Coffee Tour.

This is something I have joked with friends about starting pretty much every time a new coffee place opens in Crouch End. One shop opens, the next week its a coffee place. You can't swing a cat in Crouch End (a quiet, refined suburb of North London, for those of you not of these shores) without hitting a coffee shop filled with push chairs, cake and cool kids with specs on carrying a camera and/or a Flashback Records tote bag. I thought it was about time someone dedicated some time to doing a tour of all of them. So here we are.

One rainy Sunday Matthew and I thought we would try out the Blue Legume that had opened at the top of the village, which seemed like a perfect excuse to start this tour. I've never been to a Blue Legume before (I believe they have other branches in nice places like Islington) but heard good things. Mostly from their website which Suzi and I looked up when we saw they had opened and said to one another 'oh how novel a coffee shop in Crouch End!'

It was rammed and there was a queue of people looking irritated that the tables were all full - it was pouring with rain outside - but my eggs royale was superb - Matt was a bit disappointed to get hashbrowns out of a bag rather than home made on his 'Hash Brown Stack' (2 hashbrowns on eggs?). The coffee was ok? It came in those tiny cups with handles so small you can't hold them. I hate nonfunctional coffee cups. Five demerits to the Blue Legume for nonfunctional coffee cups.

Expect more thrilling accounts such as this to roll in as the weeks go by.


  1. looking forward to your visit!

  2. Hurrah its arrived!! Bring forth the coffee feviews!

  3. Village? You're not an estate agent are you?