Newster Yorkgram

In the absence of my digital camera I seem to have gone over board on Instagram on my hols, this is stage 1 - New York!

Hellz yeh I found Ned Stark's head in New York City!

Other highlights of this wonderful city include the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, spring blossoms, singing the Friends incidental music everytime we turned a corner, the American Museum of Natural History (blatently getting its own post) and Shake Shack.


  1. I love your outfit in the second photo. Very 70s. What is this shake shack you speak of? I need to go there.

    1. Thanks! Check out my Carmen Sandiego hat of win!

      Shake Shake is an amazing fast food burger/milkshake bar, we went to one in Midtown on 8th there were queues but it was totally worth it. Great burgers and just easy eating when you are busy sight seeing! I'll email you more detail x